Generally rendered exterior wall surfaces are coloured and textured, appealing to the eye. but missing that artistic flair! Transforming the whole picture to a work of art can be simply achieved by raised projections around doors, windows and low walls, keystones can be formed above porticos and windows, plinths can be built below any wall or pier to execute a bolder look, which then a contrast colour can be incorporated to highlight this key feature. Block work banding to exterior wall corners that replicate stonework can enhance the overall look of any surface. There are many possible applications. Chester Plaster & Render can provide expert advice on how to differentiate and re-model your home from simple to show-case.

Architectural  Mouldings The installation of decorative mouldings to enhance the appearance of your house or office is today’s modern way of capturing the essence of Ancient Roman Times. Feature work can be made to standout, becoming an eye-catching work of art to a wall that is otherwise plain; and can be applied almost anywhere.

 Some features and benefits are:

We provide profile charts to assist our clients in choosing the appropriate moulding to suite their application.