Chester Plaster & Render have captured the essence of ancient roman times. Limestone Render is our own uniquely batched and formulated render blend of crushed limestone. Limestone render is bonded by cement products and other sourced ingredients.Once applied to a  brick,concrete or wall cladding substrate, Limestone Render has the look and feel of real limestone that doesn't cost you the earth. The durability and convenience of Limestone Render makes it withstand the effects of sun, salt and rain. Limestone Render can be applied to new and existing brickwork. As a feature to a front portico, the natural earthly look becomes quite eye-catching, coating your  wine cellar walls with a natural stone look would create that meditteranean feel. Render block layout is designed based on your tastes and desires. There are many limestone block shapes and patterns available.Custom colours/ shapes can be arranged but extra charges may apply.