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Chester Plastering & Render has expertise and knowledge in all types of internal and external plastering . Rendering wall surface applications that range from acrylic texture finishes to cement based, coloured products. We are effective in all plastering applied techniques with optimum precision. Being a leader in the Chester building industry we have completed many homes. We can provide any technique and plaster finish to your home - project-renovation based on appearance, durability,surface hardness and to  budget. This is delivered through our highly trained and dedicated labour force, whom all highly abide by the industry practices, codes and standards.
All quotations are free and prompt services can be arranged for all projects.

Some of our PLASTER services include:

  • Internal  Float and Set : Standard internal plaster finish that is trowelled and finished to a flat smooth white in appearance colour, that is finished off by a paint surface coating.
  • Glass face cement dado : This wall plaster coating can be applied internally or externally. As an internal plaster finish, the objective is to attain a hard, very durable surface finish where constant traffic is present. Externally, this plaster product is applied as a plaster feature work of art around garden walls, pool wall features. This cement plaster finish ages in time and adds character to any brick wall or architectual home.
  • Bag textured finish : As an external plaster finish, this cement coating can be applied in a one coat application but we recommend applying it in two coats…the overall finish in more flat.
  • Decorative cement banding : In external plaster applications where a wall with a window needs more character, by applying a cement projection around the window surround " banding"  enhances the appearance of any wall. 
  • Acrylic textures
  • Sand finish : This coating is predominantly used externally. A durable strong slightly sand textured finish that is finished off with a paint coating. Although on specific occasions, this coating can be left as a cementious coloured coating with a non paint finish if desired. Internally this coating can be used where high traffic is evident, thus protection in commercial and industrial building walls stay protected from damage.
  • Limestone render
  • Plasterboard installation and repairs
  • Suspension systems
  • Concrete repair
  • Concerete surface coatings


There are many factors that can cause plaster to fail.  Poor roofing, guttering, down pipes, badly sealed windows, leaking shower confinements and single wall construction are the culprit.  These problems create openings for rising damp to follow.  Once water is drawn through the walls surface constantly , over a period of time it will eventually reach the inside of your premises leading to damage.  As internal “white plaster”cannot deal with moisture it will fail and begin decomposing it’s structural integrity.  It will crack, peel, blow and even rot.  This wet environment is also a breeding ground for mildew and mould causing a discomfort, unpleasant odour that can be also a health concern. Chester Plaster & Render can provide expert advice and service to resolve your issues.

There are many issues related to poor quality render.  Firstly not understanding or adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations with correct mixing ratios, too much water content, not using correct products that suite the application, not applying products within their time limit, there a lot of variables.  You must not only be content on price but also your contractor’s experience because many plaster problems surface not today but tomorrow.  Chester Plaster & Render can answer all your problematic needs and repair your unwanted problems. 

Bricks are effectively a hard sponge.  They contain thousands of tiny pores which are able to absorb water but do not cause concern as that of when the brick composition starts to fail.  Over time some poor quality bricks especially where salt, wind and rain are constantly stressing it’s surface it too will fail.  Now you have structural and insulation problems.  Chester Plaster & Render can provide advice and repair your unwanted problems.

The common cause of this problematic condition is caused from extreme weathered climatic conditions and generally appear after many years of constant abuse.  But occasionally some conditions can appear in a short period of time.  If the brick layer has applied his mortar bed during extreme hot weather cycles and has not allowed the cement to set within its timeframe this can cause the mortar to become brittle and erode in several years.  Therefore, wetting down the bricks is a must.  Secondly, if the cement used is not in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations, then this serious condition will also affect the mortar.Chester Plaster & Render can assist you in providing expert advice and are highly capable of re-coating the entire wall surface to give it the protection it needs.