Importantly, interior plaster work in CHESTER, is the most visualised feature in your home. Traditionally internal corner plaster work is performed by the experienced tradesman, using specialist hand tools to form a curved fine contour that if the plastering technique is not accomplished successfully, the visual straightness becomes quite evident when a poor plaster finish is achieved.

Quite commonly these areas are also prone to being damaged. Once a plastered corner has been chipped, the plaster will become loose and its integrity will start to fail. The solution and quickest way to protect and reinforce a corner is to install metal corner beads.

Various common profiles can be cemented and also nailed to a corner to assist and create that perfect straight finish.

Custom and architectural homes in CHESTER often require that sharp detail around all external corners and window surrounds.

Externally, corrosion will occur if one installs steel beading. Therefore, coated beads with anti rust coatings or marine grade stainless steel beads should be chosen for their superior durability and corrosion resistive properties. High quality plastic beads or aluminium grade can be installed for texture based cladding systems.


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